Welcome to Pony Princess!

Hello world!

We have just launched our website and are very excited.  There are so many different styles of  little girls clothes and accessories to choose from.  We have selected a few of our favorites.  As the seasons change, we will continue to add adorable new dresses, t-shirts and accessories to the website.  So keep checking!  The fabrics and designs can be casual or dressy and would make any little girl look and feel like a princess.  I love the extra girly touch of the ruffles. When you add the leg warmers they look so cute!

Nothing is more precious than a little girl and her pony.  The love they share is unconditional, and lets face it, some girls are just horse crazy!  I know this from expierence.  Having clothes to express your little girl’s fashion sense and love for ponies and horses is priceless!! Hope you enjoy our site as much as I do!


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